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Agata Natalia Kozak // Founder of COSSAC By Laurine Laboure

By Laurine Laboure     "It is very important that everybody in the supply chain feels happy because it will also have a positive impact on the final product."   What needs to be improved in the sustainable fashion industry? I think sustainable fashion should be more friendly and approachable to customers without being patronising and telling them off. Some people still buy some fast fashion brands and it is ok. Our role as designers is to work on making sustainable fashion more accessible so more and more people will buy it!   Continue reading...

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An Interview with Agata Kozak for Lucy's Magazine

by Jennifer Nini for Lucy's Magazine   You wouldn’t associate a fear of flying with a person who boards a plane about as often as women get their nails done, but it’s just one quirk of many for Agata Kozak, fashion designer and founder of COSSAC. The East London-based designer who hails from Poland and has studied at not one but two reputable design schools, is also obsessed with sustainability, which is at odds with a career in the world’s second most polluting industry. In an effort to understand Agata and resolve this seeming contradiction, decided an interview was in order with this selfprofessedeco fashion designer. JENNIFER: What inspired you to become a fashion designer? AGATA: When I was young, my mother...

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