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COSSAC x C-Heads Mag

by C-heads Mag Born in Poland, Agata Natalia Kozak left to study fashion and textile at universities in Barcelona and Istanbul. Later on she moved to London to properly commence her career as a fashion designer. After years of designing for others, she decided to start her own sustainable fashion brand called COSSAC, which was launched in October 2014. When she’s not designing, she can be found at the yoga studio or travelling to another magnificent destination. Her newest SS17 collection is called “Meet me in the streets of Istanbul” and typifies Agatka’s fond memories of living abroad in Istanbul as a design student and the unassuming style she’d often see in unlikely corners. Continue reading...

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COSSAC x C-heads Mag

by C-heads Mag Seoul Korea based Jinveun collaborated with London fashion brand Cossac on their current lookbook starring new-face So-Hee . Founder and designer Agatka Natalia Victoria Kozak visited Seoul to promote her newest collection named ‘FOR THE EYE’. Cossac is a brand which represents conscious design, embracing the idea of sustainability and promoting clothing with a lower environmental impact. From a perfect timeless white top to eye catching statement pieces, they offer sleeky and stylish collections that adapt to the current fashion trends. Continue reading...  

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Well Being with Friends; Agata Kozak of Cossac

by Danielle Copperman   Well Being with Friends is a series of short investigations, not so much interviews, into the lives of people I know both closely and from afar. These people aren't just any people, they are people doing inspiring, interesting, innovative and meaningful things, for the greater good of Earth, our Universe, our ecosystem, our environment and, ultimately, our experiences here. The idea is to share the simple habits of the most with-it in wellness, providing an insight into what keeps them thriving. Whether it's a book, an app, a ritual or a rhyme,  I hope you will discover new tools and take away constructive advice from each one. If nothing else, I hope this series connects you to...

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COSSAC x Luxiders Mag

by Luxiders magazine Under the rain and sky… a garden. In times when remembering is risky, we have decided to cross the forbidden garden. Lying down, we close our eyes. From the palms of our hands bloom tender shoots which root on the ground. It has begun to rain. The mouths, crowned in red, are now a silent volcanoes. There lies the laughter that once lapsed between green and blue. The heels still have the shapes of those girly muddy legs. The boots, untied, have cracked… We no longer do anything forbidden, we have stopped remembering. Credits Creative Direction & Production LUXIDERSPhotography SARAH STAIGERStyling NADJA MARA BRVARStarring HANNAH GRÜTZMACHER @ IZAIO MANAGEMENT & STELLA PORTMANN @ ICONIC MANAGEMENTMake up & Hair SHIRIN KÜRSCHNER @ NINA KLEINWords INMA...

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