Girly Girl Magazine x COSSAC



We spent loads of time looking for a perfect (& right) partner for our this collab.

Somebody who shares our ethical values, celebrates women & gets that SELF LOVE is a much needed self care ritual.

And then came the ladies of the Girly Girl Magazine. We discussed how without loving & caring for ourselves we might be incomplete. How much a ‘me time’ is crucial to feel at ease and to be truly happy. SELF LOVE is about loving yourself unconditionally. Doing things you love & that fulfil you; things that make you feel good, without rush, at your own pace.

So after many chats (& vermut meetings) we decided to make a very special tee to make a point that SELF LOVE is as needed and as important as any other kind of love. And what better day to launch it than Valentine day?

Let’s break the commercial romantic cliches & remember that SELF LOVE is the answer. Learning to love yourself is a long, bumpy & never ending journey. But what an empowering experience it is. It’s thinking outside the box, challenging impossible beauty canons, accepting & celebrating ourselves just as we are. So if you are perfect or perfectly imperfect…

Love yourself. Always x