Ethically Made



We use sustainable materials in our collections such as organic cotton, cupro, tencel and modal. In selecting the fabrics, we place a lot of importance on how it is produced and the extent of its impact on the environment, such as how much water and toxic chemicals is used. All fabrics selected are ethically-sourced, organic or have low environmental impact. We are committed to continuous improvement and our goal is to use materials that are 100% eco-friendly. We are working towards this goal and are educating ourselves daily on sustainable production methods so we can make our clothing as green as possible.



We work exclusively with small factories with whom we’ve built close relationships with. All production is carried out in Europe, in Portugal in family run & ISO or GOTS-certified factories. This enables us to reduce the time, cost and carbon footprint transporting the garments.

We also believe in supply chain transparency as ethical treatment of workers is as important to us as our environmental impact. We use accredited factories because we care about the people who help make our clothes. We want to make sure that factory employees are working in fair and just conditions and are not being exploited in any form. Every supplier and factory we work with holds certificates assuring our high work standards and expectations are being followed. We regularly travel to our factory partners to make sure the processes are overseen and are compliant with ethical production standards.


Business Practices

We make every effort to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our business. All online store receipts, purchases and delivery details are communicated via email to reduce paper waste. All packaging and labelling is kept to an absolute minimum during deliveries. Our business cards, swing-tags and boxes are made from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. We aim to leave no trace apart from the statement our customers make in our garments.

While we take the concepts of sustainability and the ethical treatment of garment workers seriously, we deal with all the heavy stuff so you won’t have to.


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